Saskatchewan – Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

Saskatchewan – PNP1

Saskatchewan – Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

Canada is of the leading countries to export pulses in the world. The pulses mostly come from the province of Saskatchewan. 56% of the farming, mining, biotechnology come from Saskatchewan.  This province is in Western Canada. The affordable living, education, health care systems and housing attracts many immigrants to live in this province. The two major cities of Saskatchewan are Regina and Saskatoon, whereas Regina is the capital.

Recently the Government of Saskatchewan announced Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) for Saskatchewan. This is for the aspiring applicants who have the skills and experience in farming, mining and biotechnology can apply to stay in this province.  This province is the best province to stay in Canada. The details of the Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) are provided for you in this blog.

Saskatchewan program categories:

There are four different categories in this program. They are:

  • International skilled worker
  • International skilled worker Experienced.
  • Student
  • Business

International skilled worker:

This program is based on the certain points you achieve with your profile.  This Saskatchewan program is for applicants who wants to migrate to this province for working opportunities.

To be applicable to this program

  • When applying for the Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) program, the applicant needs 60points out of 100.
  • The English language score according to the Canadian language benchmark should be minimum 4 bands.
  • Foreign Work experience minimum is minimum1 year.
  • The applicant must possess work experience documents, job offer letter, qualifications, certifications in the skills list.

International skilled worker Experienced.

This is for the applicants who are already living and working in the province. They can get permanent residency for people who are living and working in Saskatchewan province for 6 months or less.

It is easier for an applicant who is already working in the existing skills list with a full-time offer. Applicants from various fields such as health care, hospitality, Trucking firms, aviation are eligible.


This category is for students who have already graduated from the province or any other provinces in Canada. They can apply for this category.

Students who have degree in diploma or any recognized certificate are eligible. The minimum course duration should be between 8months to 1 year.

If you have work experience of at least 6 months after the graduation, the applicant is also eligible for this Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination Program (PNP).

Business visa Category:

This is for the applicants who wants to start their own business in Saskatchewan. This business category Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) can be applied through lodging an Expression of interest.

To be eligible for this, the applicant needs to have half a million dollars Canadian. The applicant also needs to prove that the amount is verifiable and legal and to prove this, he must submit paperwork from a bank.  The applicant also should have 2- or 3-years’ worth of business management experience.

Required documents for Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination Program (PNP):

        Civil and identity documents such as

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate if married.
  • Passports
  • Education and qualification certificates
  • Work experience certificates
  • Job offers letter.
  • Language scores
  • Financials

These are the basic documentation required for any Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) Canada.

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