Student Visa

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The Government of Australia offers a range of education to international students to study in Australia. For anyone to study in Australia, it needs to have a Student Visa.

Various stages throughout the process, as under:

  • Decide about the course and institution.
  • Submit application to the institution.
  • Receive and accept the Offer of the course.
  • Receive electronic Confirmation of  Enrolment – eCoE.
  • Lodge application for the student visa.

Entry Requirements: Academic, English language, Evidence of funds and health cover.

The possible student visas available, depending on the level of assessment, are as under:

  • Independent ELICOS Visa: English Language Intensive course.
  • School Visa: Study at a primary and secondary school.
  • Vocational Education and Training Visa: VET Courses, leading to Certificate, Diploma, or Advanced Diploma.
  • Higher Education Visa: Study a higher education course, leading to Bachelor Degree, Associate Degree, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, or Master degree by coursework.
  • Postgraduate Research Visa: Study a postgraduate research course at the tertiary institutions leading to Master degree by research, or Ph.D. degree.

International Students Health Cover (OSHC)

OSHC is a health insurance to cover international students to meet their medical and hospital costs, while in Australia. It covers visits to the doctor, selective hospital treatment, ambulance and limited medicines.

It looks pretty hard to get a student visa, but we can help you with, as below:

  • Student visa requirements
  • Lodging Student visa application
  • Interview and offer counseling
  • Explaining your responsibilities and rights as a student
  • Helping your family to come to Australia
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