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I am living overseas, can I still get your services?

Why Not.  Technology is now so advanced that there is no need for you to be in Australia. By and large, the documents are provided as color scan of originals. We facilitate our overseas clients for virtual meetings through Skype and by phone.  Our international clients have no issues of communication at all, while the email plays the key role.

How much is the cost of your services?

Our fees and charges are very competitive in the market. The fees vary from visa to visa and there is also an option of payments in stages.

In how much time a visa is issued?

We try to process every application as early as possible. The department of immigration also publishes service standards for each visa, on their website, but its indicative. The final decision rests with the department.

In order to avoid any unnecessary delay, we ensure to submit complete and accurate application with all the required documents.

How can I pay you?

We accept electronic funds transfer and credit/debit card payments.

What is he guarantee of success?

A registered migration agent is bound by the code of conduct, and Australian civil and criminal laws. Any misconduct by an agent is usually disciplined and may be referred to relevant authorities.

Are you a migration scam?

Surely not. We are registered and are authorised to operate as a migration agent. You may verify our registration.

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