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Canada is an ideal place for tourism, education and migration. It’s climate, scenic views and the flourishing economy, make it an excellent destination. To cater for the high demand, Canada makes use of a wide-ranging immigration programs which have something for all, whether they are students, tourists, workers, or business owners.

International Students Migration 

Within Canada there are world class universities and colleges which attract students from all over the globe. They can be found in many provinces of Canada, like Ontario, Nova Scotia, Quebec & British Columbia and so on. To encourage, the qualified Canada study permit holders may apply for the permanent residence after specific period of studies through various Federal and provincial programs on offer.

Skilled Worker Migration

Canada also offers extensive opportunities for skilled workers in various industries, like IT, telecommunications, engineering, healthcare amongst others. The Federal National Occupational Classification (NOC) lists various categories of skilled occupations of employment recognized by Canada through skill levels in various industries, like 0, A, B, C & D. This program offers the eligible applicants to obtain permanent residence visa.

Business and Investment Migration

As a stable and flourishing economy, Canada is also home to many large companies where investors grow their business. Canada offers many investment and business opportunities to help interested businesses to settle and enjoy the benefits of the Canadian social, welfare and business models.

Migration Programs in Canada
Some of the popular migration programs on offer:

Eligibility for Canada Migration

Although requirements vary depending on the visa type, there is a key criteria which must be satisfied for migration to Canada:

  • Education: A relevant education, like Certificate, Diploma or Degree from a recognized institution may be essential for some visas. All the foreign qualifications need to be assessed and the Educational Credentials Assessment (ECA) to be provided.
  • Job Experience: Some programs, like the skilled worker programs require minimum work experience at a certain skill level.
  • Medical Examination: Sufficient proof must be provided to satisfy the requirement for health and fitness.
  • Character: The relevant character assessments to satisfy the suitability of the applicants
  • Language Ability: The Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) requires minimum level 7 (IELTS 6 each band). This test must be taken through approved provider, like IELTS in either French or English.
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