Provincial nominee program – Nova Scotia- Canada

Nova Scotia is one of the best Canadian provinces out of thirteen different provinces.  This province consists of Nova Scotia peninsula and Cape Breton Island, also more than 2500 islands.  It is surrounded by beautiful sea, and best green forests, lakes, and farmlands, and best educational institutions. Because of these factors, living in Nova Scotia is one of the amazing places to live in Canada. This country offers its residents from a linear perspective regarding their working situations, relaxation, and family and the responsibility.

Factors considered to migrate Nova Scotia on Provincial Nomination Program (PNP):

  • Affordable living
  • Educational institutions
  • Good health care systems in place
  • Good employment opportunities
  • very friendly people
  • diverse cultures

For foreign nationals who want to settle in Nova Scotia, the Canadian government has implemented a Provincial nomination program. This is one of the fastest ways to become a Canadian resident. This program is also called Nova Scotia provincial nomination program.

This program is for candidates who have qualified skills and attributes required for different industry sectors such as health, information technology, hospitality, industrial or others which can develop the province.

To enter the Nova Scotia province there are 4 different streams which can guarantee your arrival into the Nova Scotia through the Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Program ( pnp ) program. The four different categories are:

  • Express entry stream
  • Skilled worker stream
  • Business stream
  • International graduates business stream

Eligibility requirements for Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) program:

  • Age -18-49
  • English/ French language score – competent/ 6 each
  • Work experience- min 1 year
  • The occupation you worked should be in demand.
  • Educational qualifications- diploma or a degree from any Canadian educational system.
  • Intention to live in Canada/ Adaptability.

Points system for Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Program (PNP):

The minimum score to be eligible for this program is 67 out of 100.

  • Educational qualifications- 25 points
  • Language skills -24 points
  • Job experience- 15 points
  • Age – 12 points
  • Job offer letter/ opportunity/ Currently Working – 10 points.
  • Adaptability- 10points

The above are the positive factors which gives you pathways to this Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) program. To be considered there are other factors as well. Such as:

  • Hold a valid visa for the currently you are residing in.
  • Refugees who are refused the claim can’t be accepted.
  • The applicant needs to hold a legit offer letter or currently working in Nova Scotia.

You all must be thinking “what if I don’t have a job offer letter or  job opportunity? Stop worrying too much about it. This Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) is introduced for skilled workers who are already residing in Nova Scotia or already working in the province or who want to move to Nova Scotia. It is still possible for the applicant to move to Nova Scotia without any job offer. To find out how contact one of our agent for a quick assessment.

Processing times for this application is amazingly fast and easy. This usually takes 3 to 6 months. This application process also relies on your perfect documentation.

The primary applicant needs to fill out an online application form express entry profile on the Canadian government’s immigration website and submit all the required documents requested by the IRCC.

The second step is that your employer should provide the documents required for the IRCC such as: your job offer letter, or any pay slips or any information regarding your work experience.

If the case officer receives all the documents as requested according to the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) Nova Scotia program, then your application will fairly be assessed, if you are successful then you will receive an invitation to apply for PERMENANT RESIDENCY in the Nova Scotia.

If this Provincial Nomination Program-Nova Scotia – Canada has caught your attention, then why wait?

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