How to Apply – Study Abroad in Australia

How to Apply – Study Abroad in Australia

Why  choose Australia?

Australia is the third most popular international students’ destination in the world. It is the smallest country with a 25 million population, but it has been the best leader in providing a world-class education. It has been home to more than 700,00 foreign students.  The best quality education and access to numerous student support services and multiculturalism and a fantastic lifestyle makes Australia a unique landmark.

Australia have Six of the world top universities. The top six universities are: The University of Sydney, Australian national university, university of Melbourne, university of NSW, university of Queensland and University of Monash. These universities have ranked the best in world university rankings in 2020 out of 100.

Australia has the best education systems, which provide more than 20,000 courses to choose from different universities and colleges. According to the world, higher education systems Australia is ranked 8th   with best education systems.  There is also a 90% of student satisfaction rate for living and studying experience in Australia by providing the best support they get from institutions such as scholarships.

Study Abroad in Australia – Requirements and Study Pathways

If you are planning to study abroad in Australia, a foundation course can help you reach your goal, however there are some entry requirements to join those courses. These might be taking an English language course or some vocational and training courses.

The basic requirements, such as English and academic requirements will help you succeed in the course to start off and other requirements such as health insurance and some funds for your well-being.

All courses here in Australia are taught in English so you should provide English skills test results to ensure that you can understand the course syllabus. Every school here requires a different skill level to apply for a student visa.

Academic requisite differs depending on the type of course you enrol to study. Each institution has various entry requirements. If you are applying for a particular university that you want to study in, you must read the course information and profile on the school’s website and get in touch with them for more information regarding the course or any general guidance.

To study at any level of study, each institution got various requirements as mentioned below.

  • English (ELICOS):  every school, college or university requires a level of English skills to join the courses.
  • Schools: each school entry requirement depends on the state specifically each state got different requirements. To join a school in any territory, and they assess your academic performance during the application process. If your academic scores are good and your ability to understand the course requirements, then you are eligible.
  • Vocational and training courses: to join such courses, there are no entrance exams not these colleges, but some colleges might require you to have studied specific subjects to have some work experience. If you have any of these requirements is easier to progress your application
  • Higher education bachelors: to choose this course you need to have completed year 12 or overseas equivalents. The bachelor’s degree might also require some prerequisite subjects to gain entry.
  • Higher education Masters: to choose this course you must have completed bachelors or a diploma. This course might also look at your research ability of relevant work experience.

As we mentioned before, to get a placed at a college or an institution here in Australia you must submit documents such as

  • Certified hard or soft copy of your transcript
  • IELTS/ PTE/Any English language proficiency grades
  • Financials
  • Health cover

Admissions in Australia happen throughout the year. If you are applying for a university admission these are the months, they should be applying.

  • December to February
  • July to the end of September.

Quick tip: students who are applying for admissions, please keep in mind always enquire to get details at what time we can make an application. This will give u enough time to plan your things.

Visa requirements

  • The entry to this beautiful destination depends on your course. The requirements are listed below.
  • When your application is confirmed, you will receive an electronic Coe/electronic certificate. You will need to meet the legal temporary requirements/ GTE genuine temporary entrant which Is permitted students to study in Australia and develop skills which Australia require. When they finish their studies, they can apply for a PR/Permanent residency
  • You need to have sufficient funds for traveling school fees and your well-being.
  • Have an overseas health cover. this cover will help you pay for any medical emergencies or hospital care you need while living in Australia. This cover will also help you pay for medical prescriptions and provide an ambulance in emergencies.
  • Have good character and health & Clear criminal record.

Enrolment into a university is an easier process which happens everything online. Coe will be sent to you when you have been given a place in the university. There are some documents required to enrol in the course you are interested in.

All the documents need to upload online. These documents may be

  • Residential address
  • Valid passport
  • Personal details

By submitting these you will complete your online enrolment and you will receive an email to confirm he status of your enrolment

Who can help you get you to Australia?

The Master Migration & Education can give u sufficient information about your options for studying in Australia and we can also help you with visa applications. We are happy to help students around the world and we are delighted to share our experiences and provide you with a quality service.

We have gathered up-to-date information from many Australian universities and have invested our time and energy to gather valuable information to help students to reach their goal.

If you have an idea of which university, you want to be placed reach us now online and we are ready to help you.

Why choose us:

  • We compare and give you the best advice and get you the right information regarding the course and you visa options.
  • We are experienced and have better knowledge of the Australian visa and education systems.
  • We not only give you the best education advice but also guide you on how to get your Australian residency and work placements if required.
  • We as a registered migration agent, we can help your visa options are available to you and recommend the best visa option.
  • We also prepare your documents for you visa application. We get in touch with the Department of Home Affairs and discuss your case and represent you in every step to reach your goal.

So, get more information regarding “How to apply – Study abroad in Australia” and entitlements and any other   visa applications. So why wait: Let’s get in touch with quickly.


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