Migration with PNP nomination in Canada, Alberta

Migration with PNP nomination in Canada, Alberta

Canada has been one of the best multicultural country in the world, with best cities and world class universities and a tremendous opportunity for study and business. Canada’s economy has been rising every year steadily and considered to be one of the largest in the world.

If you are planning to migrate to Canada for financial reasons such as employment, investments, study, there are numerous opportunities for worldwide immigrants to take the benefits of Canadas growing economy.

Are you interested to migrate to Canada and make it a temporary or a permanent place to live your rest of your life, and not sure how to do it?

To make his happen Master migration can help you find the most applicable visa options available for you and your family and achieve it in a fast and efficient manner and lead you to the land of opportunities.

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Pnp nomination in Canada

There are thirteen provinces and territories and there are more than 75 different pnp nomination in Canada programs. These PNP nomination in Canada programs are for people with skills, qualifications, and job experience to aim at needs and to serve the economy of a precise territory or province.

If you are planning to migrate and have made up your mind, there are different options such as:

  • Express Entry program
  • Canada investment migration
  • Family sponsored.
  • PNP Provincial Nomination in Canada

The above are the basic options for immigration to Canada, however the trending option is Express entry, Provincial nomination program (pnp nomination in Canada). Every Canadian province such as Ontario, Alberta and other provinces has developed their own pnp nomination in Canada programs which offer permanent residency for individuals who live in a specific province.

The requirements and processes differ between each territory and the applicants should consult each province to meet the eligibility requirements of pnp nomination programs in Canada.

Master migration & education has figured out the two easiest provinces under Pnp nomination in Canada programs to get Canadian permanent residence in 2021, how ever there are many more, but less effective according to the research done by our agents.

  • Alberta’s express entry stream
  • Ontario priorities stream

Application process

Your application summons counts on the province or the territory you are applying to. There are two ways you can apply. One is paper based which is non express entry and the second one is online process which is express entry.

Requirements of PNP nomination in Canada program

  • Medical exam
  • Police clearance

Every applicant must pass these checks regardless of where you intended to live in Canada.

In both streams such as express and non-express entry streams, every applicant needs to meet the requirements of the territory or province. Every applicant also needs to prepare and submit an express entry profile and prove that the applicant meets the minimum standards for entry and for the program it covers.

If all the requirements are met then you are given an invitation to apply for the pnp nomination in Canada, and the individuals are required to submit an online application form to the Immigration, refugee, and citizenship Canada (IRCC) for the pnp nomination in Canada.

Alberta pnp requirements and process

Alberta is Canada’s western province, and it is the home to some of the best cities such as Edmonton and Calgary, where are these cities are the largest metropolitan areas in Canada. These cities have steadily increasing job opportunities and best education. At Master migration and education lot of our clients considered this as the best option when thinking about the immigration.

Alberta pnp requirements criteria

  • Express entry stream profile in the federal pool
  • 1 year work experience minimum in any field which supports the economy of Alberta.
  • CRS score of 300 or above
  • English language score minimum 6 and above in IELTS OR PTE in each module Listening, Writing, Reading, and Speaking.
  • Planning to reside and continue working in Alberta, Canada.

The factors all the applicants can consider receiving NOI (Notification of interest) letter are given below. These factors can be used to claim their points to apply for the Alberta stream. If the individual receives a NOI from the Alberta immigration they can submit their application to the province.

  • Family members living in Alberta.
  • Secondary Educational transcripts from Alberta
  • Job offer letter.
  • Previous work experience in Alberta

Selection requirements for Alberta Pnp nomination in Canada

The province will open the nominations to the applicants according to the occupations which are in high demand according to the market. Please be aware that these occupations keep changing and are nor permanent.

You are eligible to receive a NOI IF:

  • You have an active entry express profile.
  • You have 67 points.
  • Expressed interest in permanently residing in Alberta.
  • You have minimum 300 points the ranking system.
  • You have high demanded occupation to support Alberta’s economy.

You can now check your occupation which is in demand for applying for Alberta pnp nomination program in Canada.

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