Distinguished Talent Visa (Subclass 858) – Australia

“Don’t worry about the world ending today, its already tomorrow in Australia.” – Charles M. Schulz

Australia is a huge country in the southwest Pacific Ocean. It is worldwide well-known for its natural wonders, beaches, and large cities. Australia has also many internationally accredited universities that are top ranking in the world. This country is also known for being on top in the business world with various job opportunities. It is known for equal opportunities given its well organized system that keeps everyone safe and protected by law.

So, given all this, who doesn’t want a way to Australia? Let us help you get there by explaining all you need to know about a visa called distinguished talent visa (subclass 858).

Distinguished Talent Visa (Subclass 858)- Australia


This is defined as an Australian visa. However, the distinguished talent visa (subclass 858) is specific and exceptional. It is known to be given for applicants who have exceptional records. Such records may be outstanding achievements in a precise field.

The distinguished talent visa (subclass 858) is for long term meaning permanent. Thus, it enables the applicant to live in Australia for a time that is not defined. However, the applicant expenses should be covered by a relative who lives in Australia as long as the applicant is in Australia.

When applying for the distinguished talent visa (subclass 858), the applicant must be in Australia, and if granted, the applicant must also be in Australia.

    1. To be able to apply for distinguished talent visa (subclass 858), you must be:
    2. A person who is in Australian land when applying to the distinguished talent visa (subclass 858)
    3. A person who is from any known field such as an academic field
    4. A person who is designated or nominated by an Australian or New Zealand citizen

When you have the distinguished talent visa (subclass 858), you have access to:

    1. Living permanently in the country
    2. Admission to health care services available in the country
    3. Apply to study in the country
    4. Apply to work in the country
    5. Invite your relatives to come visit you in Australia
    6. The eligibility criteria for the distinguished talent visa (subclass 858) are:
    7. Benefit to the country: the applicant must provide a benefit to the country. This can be done by several ways such as elevating Australia’s rank in academics or work.
    8. Ability to establish: the applicant must be capable of finding work in their field. The applicant should exclude income coming from work that is not related to his/her field.
    9. International achievements: the applicant must demonstrate global accomplishment in their field.
    10. Nomination: the applicant must be endorsed by Australian or New Zealand citizen.
    11. Age requirement: none defined.
    12. Visa standing: the applicant should not have the approval of other subclass visas.
    13. Health and character criteria: the applicant should meet health and character criteria specified in Australia.
    14. Practical English: the applicant aged 18 or more should comprehend practical English language. If not, they should pay extra.
    15. Statement of law: the applicant should sign a form agreeing to respect the country’s law.
    16. Visa requirement: the applicant’s visa form should not have been rejected or cancelled while living in Australia.
    17. Financial status: the applicant should pay any money they owe to the government before applying for distinguished talent visa (subclass 858).
    18. The processing time for distinguished talent visa (subclass 858): 18 months to 22 months.

It all still depends on how quick you are to fill in the needed form, respond to any additional needed documents that may be required from you, and where you stand in line with several other applicants.

  1. The cost of the distinguished talent visa (subclass 858) is: 4,110 Australian dollars (AUD).

So, do you have this distinguished talent? And does the distinguished talent visa (subclass 858) appeal to you? If yes, then why wait?

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