Distinguished Talent Visa (Subclass 124) – Australia

Distinguished talent visa subclass 124 Australia

I loved Australia. I was very successful there.” Todd Barry

How about you get the chance to say this sentence once in your life just as Todd Barry once said it? How about you get the chance to enter a country in which you can be successful?

Well, fortunately you can!

Australia is a country located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It was once a British colony but now is an independent member of the commonwealth. It is well known for giving people opportunities to succeed in education and work.

Let us help you get to Australia and succeed! Your way there is through a visa named distinguished talent visa (subclass 124).

Distinguished Talent Visa (Subclass 124) – Australia


The distinguished talent visa (subclass 124) is a visa for permanent residency. It is for applicants who have a global or international recognized and well-known record of special and exceptional accomplishment in an eligible area.

To be able to apply for Distinguished Talent Visa (subclass 124), you must be:

    1. A person who is outside Australian land when you get the distinguished talent visa (subclass 124).
    2. A person who has an internationally well-known record of exceptional achievement in a profession, a sport, arts, or academics and research.
    3. A person who is designated or nominated by an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or an Australian reputable organization which relates to your specific accomplishment.

When you have the Distinguished Talent Visa (subclass 124), you have access to:

    1. Living permanently in Australia
    2. Working in Australia
    3. Studying in Australia
    4. Be a nominee for your relatives to live long term in Australia
    5. Health services in Australia
    6. The eligibility criteria for the distinguished talent visa (subclass 124) are:
    7. Benefit to the country: the applicant must contribute to the country in any way such as economically or academically.
    8. Ability to establish: the applicant must be capable of finding work in their field. The applicant should exclude income coming from work that is not related to his/her field.
    9. International achievements: the applicant must demonstrate global accomplishment in their field.
    10. Nomination: the applicant must be endorsed by Australian or New Zealand citizen, or Australian reputable organization which relates to his/her specific field of accomplishment.
    11. Age requirement: none defined.
    12. Health and character criteria: the applicant should meet health and character criteria specified in Australia.
    13. Practical English: the applicant aged 18 or more should comprehend practical English language. If not, they should pay extra.
    14. Statement of law: the applicant should sign a form agreeing to respect the country’s law.
    15. Visa requirement: the applicant should not have a visa that has been rejected while he/she were in Australia
    16. Financial status: the applicant should pay any money they owe to the government before applying for distinguished talent visa (subclass 124).
    17. The processing time for distinguished talent visa (subclass 124): 22 months to 25 months.
    18. The cost of the distinguished talent visa (subclass 124) is: 4,110 Australian dollars (AUD).

So, does the distinguished talent visa (subclass 124) seem the right one for you? If yes, then why wait?

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